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Sustainability for us

Can a fashion brand convincingly label itself sustainable? We don’t believe that it can.
However, we believe that natural resources can be saved through responsible consumption.
This is the starting point of our “Roadmap to sustainability” that we are building in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030.

High longevity of hand-made shoes

We stay away from short-lived trends and focus on timeless elegance. Our creations are not transient and we want them to be loved, cherished and worn season after season.
We propose high value footwear that can be worn for years, then reused or repaired, possibly recycled in some components.
High longevity of hand-made shoes built lo last turns into less distress for natural environment.

Short supply chain

We endeavour to minimize our ecological footprint by adopting the “short supply chain” model, that represents the most sustainabile production process, from sourcing raw materials to the final product. We do not buy  materials that have travelled vast distances to our home in Italy – we just source everything locally, from leathers to smallest accessories.
And because every product is made by hand, every people matter for us. Our shoes are produced by local workers rooted in our territory, respecting a strict code of conduct in terms of workers’ safety and well-being, thus representing an ethical choice for the society.

The passing of the baton

It’s the passing of the baton, which allows us to continue a story of over 35 years. Giuseppe Calò started sewing at home shoes with needle and waxed thread for luxury brands when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has continued to work and transfer with passion his know-how to younger generations of artisans, who do not use energy-consuming machines but just their hands to build Calò beautiful shoes. His young son Marco is guiding the company towards the new challenges of the Agenda 2030.